Weird Science Cool Pic(s) of the Week

By Daniel Smith on May 22, 09 12:07 PM


OK, so I admit these pics aren't too sciencey - but they're cool!

Throw your photoshop away as these shots show you don't need digital tricks to create an amazing picture.

Weburbanist has posted 15 images that have been taken without the aid of computer enhancement.

The mind-bending photo above is of a building in Paris but the Dali-esque illusion is real. It's a canvas facade placed over a building to hide construction.


This incredible wire frame car is a model created by artist Benedict Radcliffe.


And here we have the world's smallest chameleon - the Brookesia minima. Weird!

Weird Science Factoid: Mosquitoes like the scent of estrogen, so women get bitten by mosquitoes more often than men do. However, this doesn't help when you take an afternoon nap in a room alone with three of the winged blighters. I woke up having been bitten 100+ times and was left looking like quasimodo for the rest of my holiday. Grrr...

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