George Tyndale : why John Bercow is the ideal Speaker

By George Tyndale on Jun 25, 09 12:24 PM

Dismay and hostility has surrounded the appointment of the new Speaker of the House of Commons.

Which overlooks a crucial point.


John Bercow says he wants to be the face of the House.

Which makes him the perfect choice.

Read on to find out just why ...

At just 5' 5" tall he's a man with the physical presence of Ronnie Corbett but without any of the charm or charisma.

He's fully acquainted with the expenses scandal since he" flipped" the designation of his main and his second home so that when he sold both houses he escaped paying Capital Gains Tax on either.

He has since agreed to pay over £6,000 to HM Revenue and Customs to cover the unpaid tax on one of the houses.

He has also paid back £1,470.62 in office expenses but has declined to reveal why.

The 43 year-old is widely disliked by fellow Tories because of his change of political views over the years and his cosying up to Labour MPs who elected him to his new post.

It is believed that fewer than 10 Conservatives supported him.

Outside Westminster his only notable achievements are as a junior tennis player.

But then, after a brief flirtation with banking, he joined a firm of political lobbyists before becoming an MP.

So the New Speaker is short in stature, tainted with the expenses scandal, widely disliked and distrusted.

He has a career that has largely isolated him from the real world of work.

Could there be a more accurate representation of the House of Commons?


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