Condoms for kiddies: Not such a great idea is it?

By George Tyndale on Jun 12, 09 06:47 AM


Boys as young as 12 are to be given "condom cards" so that they can pick up free contraceptives.

In fact in some places they already have them. Now the Government wants the scheme to go nationwide and has asked the sexual health charity Brook to draw up the details.

The youngsters will be able to get their C-Card by simply attending a sex education course. They do not need to give their identity or therefore their age.

The Department for Children Schools and Families believes that the cards will help reduce teenage pregnancies. Which is a view that neatly overlooks the fact that the spending of millions of pounds on what's called sex education of the very young has left us with the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Europe and spiralling cases of sexually transmitted disease.

A Brook spokesman said while most under-16s were not having sex the plan was to "provide them with context and access to service so that when they are ready to have sex they do so safely".

So are they supposed to get their contraceptives at age 12 and keep them safely for four years?

Why can't these misguided people understand that what they are doing is facilitating children's sex and placing pressure on the entire age group to launch into sexual activity. The C-Card quite apart from other names it will pick up along the way will certainly become the Can Card. And, since sex under 16 is an offence, it will also be the Criminal Card.

But just as baffling as the introduction of this nonsensical bit of plastic is the places where it can be used. Anonymous holders can pick up supplies at youth centres, health clinics grounds.

How shameful that from the age of twelve we are now to encourage our children to play away.


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