Good Beer Guide 2011

By Steve Green on Jul 24, 10 01:25 AM

The brand new edition of CAMRA's bible, The Good Beer Guide, will be out in a few weeks -- and members of the Campaign for Real Ale are eligible for substantial discounts.

Although it carries a £15.99 cover price, CAMRA members can buy the latest volume for just £11.00 -- down to £10.00 if you opt for an annual payment by direct debit.

There is also an electronic edition for most Sat-nav units or mobile 'phones.

For full details, check out the CAMRA website.


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Toby Jugg

Toby Jugg - A former newspaper reporter, Steve Green now works as a freelance journalist and technical writer. He first joined the Campaign for Real Ale in the mid-1980s and currentlyproduces a regular column for Solihull CAMRA in the Solihull Times, under the pseudonym "Toby Jugg".

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