Blighty backs the great British "boozer"

By Steve Green on Dec 6, 09 12:25 AM

Save Our Boozers is a new reality tv show following the efforts of five rural communities as they strive to preserve their local pub.

The first of the five-part series premieres on the new cable channel Blighty this coming Tuesday at 8pm.

Presenter Jay Smith, himself an experienced pub owner, said: "These boozers are the backbone of British society. Lose them and we lose our identity. I want this series to really inspire people to get on board with my passion - to bring back the great British boozer."

He hoped the programme would provide viewers with both an insight and an inspiration.

"By showing viewers how these five communities get their own pub up and running, I hope others will be inspires to do the same. Of course, there is the risk that it could all go horribly wrong, in which case it may end up being an example of how not to do it!

"But if we can get communities working together to get their British pubs back, it will be good for our communities, good for tourism and good for the great British boozer."

More information can be found here.

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