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WHO doesn't want their own cashpoint in their house?

The funky Science Museum ATM Savings Bank gives you just that, and with a card, pin number and even cashpoint sound effects it's a great way to save money and show off at the same time.

The light-up display lets you check your balance at any time and accepts notes and coins, keeping track of your deposits and withdrawals; it will even set you a savings target and play you a tune on your birthday.

Great fun and could be a useful stocking filler. Designed for ages five upwards, it costs £24.99.


Even though I review gadgets, games and work as a website editor I still consider myself a bit of a technophobe in some areas - ipods and docking stations, DAB etc, it's all a bit alien to me, so trying this was a very good idea to get me up to speed.

Now basically what we have here is a very sleek black box of wonder that is an all-singing and all-dancing piece of technical magnificence.

This is a DAB digital/FM radio, cd/mp3 player, ipod docking station and even an alarm clock.

The Sound 43 also charges your ipod whilst it docks and allows you to play tunes from it across the speakers.

To put it in to simple english this is just uber-cool, it not only looks the part it really is just an excellent piece of kit that is a hub of entertainment at your remote control fingertips.

This transformed my living room and sat looking very trendy and very useful in the corner, I love being able to just play whatever I want from my ipod on the main sound system in the room.

The speakers are very powerful with a nice deep rich sound handling my Guns and Roses tracks with finesse and treating Moby with equal quality.

The system has a very nice touch screen interface and on the whole this really is a very sophisticated and sharp bit of kit.

Here is a link to the product right here -


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