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Here are the current top ten free and paid iPad and iPhone apps.

iPhone (Paid):

1.) WhatsApp Messenger - WhatsApp Inc.

2.) Score! Classic Goals - First Touch.

3.) Grand Theft Auto III - Rockstar Games.

4.) iTranslateVoice - Sonico GmbH

5.) Hambo -

6.) Angry Birds Space - Rovio Mobile Ltd.

7.) Free Music Download Pro - Downloader and Player - BSOSoft.

8.) Cut The Rope - Chillingo Ltd.

9.) David Haye's Knockout - Grubby Hands.

10.) Fruit Ninja - Halfbrick Studios.

iPhone (Free):

1.) Hide the Fart - Santpal Dhillon.

2.) 100 Floors - Tobi Apps Limited.

3.) Cut the Rope: Experiments - ZeptoLab UK Limited.

4.) Cheats for Logos Quiz Game Pro - IFS.

5.) Facebook Messenger - Facebook, Inc.

6.) Instagram - Burbn, Inc.

7.) Facebook Camera - Facebook, Inc.

8.) Embarrassing Bodies My HealthChecker - Channel 4.

9.) Feed Me Oil - Chillingo Ltd.

10.) Logos Quiz Game - AticoD.

iPad (Paid):

1.) Grand Theft Auto III - Rockstar Games.

2.) Score! Classic Goals - First Touch.

3.) Tiger Woods PGA Tour for iPad - Electronic Arts.

4.) Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD - Rockstar Games.

5.) Pages - Apple.

6.) Virtua Tennis Challenge - SEGA.

7.) Bejeweled HD - PopCap.

8.) Infinity Blade II - Chair Entertainment Group, LLC.

9.) Fruit Ninja HD - Halfbrick Studios.

10.) Weather Live - Apalon.

iPad (Free):

1.) Cut the Rope: Experiments HD - ZeptoLab UK Limited.

2.) Hide the Fart - Santpal Dhillon.

3.) Skype for iPad - Skype Software S.a.r.l.

4.) Reflexions - YoYo Games Ltd.

5.) Men In Black 3 - Gameloft.

6.) BBC iPlayer - Media Applications Technologies Ltd.

7.) Cheats for Logos Quiz Game Pro - IFS.

8.) eBay for iPad - eBay inc.

9.) MotoHeroz HD - Ubisoft.

10.) Mini Motor Racing HD - The Binary Mill.

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Some great new apps doing the rounds at the moment that are well worth checking out from the app store.

But office favourite here has to be the superb Comic Book...

Star in your own comic book by turning yourself and your friends into superheroes and villains. Select your pane layouts and add your own captions for maximum POW!

The more time you spend on this the more fantastic the results will get.

This photography app is a lot of fun and is available for £1.49 from the App store.

Have a quick look at Pop Booth Photo Booth (free), StreetMuseum (free) and How Stuff Works (free) - all were close runners up.

Sackboy toy is a real treat

By Steve Wollaston on Oct 28, 10 11:53 PM


The success of Little Big Planet continues to soar and with the second installment due out soon it's not likely to calm down for some time.

When I was sent one of these little Sackboy toys I had grand designs on keeping him on my desk - however I made the mistake of leaving it in my bag and taking it home.

That;s when my 4-year-old daughter prized it out and claimed it as her own, it now takes pride of place with Nemo and Peppa Pig on her bed.

Seriously though this is a great little gizmo for gaming fans and the ultimate in cool... I can picture it taking pride of place in an office, car, or student's flat.


IT WOULD be remiss of me not to mention the ipad, with it being such a big talking point at the moment.

On the American site there is an excellent little invention designed to turn the ipad into a retro style arcade machine. It's labelled the icade and quite frankly it's a stroke of genius in my opinion.

Retro titles like Donkey Kong and Space Invaders can be played as they were intended using classic arcade controls in an excellent wooden games cabinet. It's about as clever and cool as you are going to get!

Review by Katie Smith aged 11

I am a huge fan of the Disney Channel and this is my favourite TV show so I was really pleased to have a look at the game for the DS.

You control the three main characters in the show Alex, Justin or Max and the action takes place in the mortal world and the wizarding world.

CIVILIZATION has arrived on the iPhone - and it's as good as any rabid fan of the strategy classic could hope for.

Closely resembling the DS version of the legendary series, Civilization Revolution is as addictive as ever.

Real thought has been put into how you control your kingdom with such a small screen.

You'll find that minutes turn into hours very easily!

Not convinced? Give the free version a try and see what all the fuss is about.

The popularity of gaming on the iPhone is on the increase, developers like EA and Konami are targeting gamers with some very solids versions of their games purely for phone.

To capitalise on the increase in mobile gaming Exspect have released the Gaming Grip - a high-grade silicone cover for your iPhone.

Why? Well - it is contoured especially to help even the sweatiest palms to enjoy some comfortable 'on the train' gaming.

Gaming on the iPhone is potentially great - the standards of the games are getting better but it has to be said that it is tricky to play them.

This new little cover eradicates that awkwardness and I was very very impressed with the one that was sent to me.

It fits around your phone but has cut-outs for the screen and main iPhone buttons, it basically transforms your phone to make it feel like a handheld-console.

It is also great protection for your phone should you drop it! I loved the design and I think despite its very chunky persona it looks really sophisticated.

A huge help with gaming whether you are playing landscape or upright, I honestly don't see me removing my case anytime soon.

The Gaming Grip from Exspect will be available via Amazon costing £14.99.


Here at Power Up we have friends in high places - and in Los Angeles our very own insider LA Dolly is at E3 to give us the lowdown.

Here's what she had to say;

"Hi Power Uppers - Microsoft wheeled Sir Paul, Ringo and Yoko, Spielberg and Hideo Kojima (Oh yes Metal Gear on 360 at last) out onto stage for their press conference.

Also the new thing called NATAL - you will have heard a lot about this already - I know Mr Wollaston has just blogged about it!

Pele and James Cameron were at the Ubisoft press conference, with James Cameron talking rather in depth about Avatar.

There is a new camera peripheral for the Wii. Jay Z and Eminem played at Activisions DJ hero party. Notable spots include Kelly Osbourne, one of the Olsen twins plus some of the cast from Mad Men, Leo DiCaprio and Matthew McConnaghey.

Sony and Nintendo press conference today. Rumour has it that not only will Rogue Warrior Dick Marcinko be at the first day of the show but he might have a "friend" in tow... Over and out - LA dolly

Jog (Nintendo Wii)

By Steve Wollaston on May 14, 09 08:41 PM

One word - genius.

This fantastic little gadget for less that thirty of the Queen's pounds is just fantastic.

Jog gives you the impetus to get active again on the Wii, aside from the Wii Fit there has been very little recently to get gamers back on there feet and active whilst playing.

Whilst the Xbox 360 has the potential to turn the laziest of gamers into a state of vegetation the Wii was designed to combat that and thankfully this excellent little gizmo reinforces that once again.

Gadget review: Motormouse

By Steve Wollaston on Jan 22, 09 08:29 PM

Porsche 911 Motormouse.jpg

My New Year's Resolution was to get a Porsche 911 this year. We are still in January but I have managed it!

It looks beautiful, the paintwork shimmers, the body is sleek and sexy - the car of my dreams.

One slight problem, it's only the size of a cigarette box!

I have been road-testing the latest boy's toy this week in the form of a superb wireless Porsche 911 complete with flashing headlights and a boot that opens up to put the batteries in!

Ok it isn't the real thing but it is very snazzy indeed the Motormouse is the latest executive gadget to hit the market, and is a must-have for any car enthusiast.

Motormouse is a classic sports car wireless mouse with exquisite detail including the smallest 2.4G wireless receiver in the world and three different sensitivity settings.

With a high quality paint finish chrome alloy wheels and real rubber tyres, Motormouse offers a smooth ride and even comes with its own super-glide mouse mat and soft carrying pouch.

I am having to hide this from my colleagues at the moment!

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