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By Steve Wollaston on Mar 6, 11 11:56 PM

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One thing is certain, Bulletstorm is going to go down a storm with fans of first-person shooter games.

With such a dirge of games ripping off shooters and trying to spread the genre as flat and as lifeless as it can be it's nice to see a new game come along that actually tries to sit up alongside your Call Of Duty titles, Gears Of Wars and Halo's.

This game ironically does add a fair few flavours into the mix that we have already seen but then just like Levi Roots and his Reggae Reggae Sauce it adds a bit of spice and something fresh and unique.

Is this a cooking review? Hell no but you do get to fry a lot of the opposition.

Playing as Grayson Hunt, an ex-mercenary turned space-pirate in a futuristic Utopia it's actually a decent old script from Marvel Comics writer Rick Remender which gives the game sone real kudos from the off. You are stranded on a planet full of crazy stuff deseprately trying to escape and exact revenge on the man who caused you to be there. Some great plot twists along the way make it a hugely enjoyable sci-fi adventure.

Escaping is an issue though as you find yourself surrounded by hordes of mutants and gangs in a very dangerous world.

Don't worry though you find yourself equipped with some glorious and einventive weaponry with which to do damage. Yu have a crazy lightning whip you hurl at enemies to pull them towards you and suspend them in the air so that you can tear into them up close. Or you can hurl them up into the air for a bit of clay pigeon shooting style warfare.

There are a million and one ways to kill the enemy, each has it's own little touch of genius

The guns and gadgets at your disposal are amzing and designed with fun and and destruction in mind.

That's the key elemnt of this game really 'kill with skill', it's about taking out the enemies in style - the classier you do it the more the points rack up.

Sure it is gory, and yes it is not for a the kids but this is a hugely stylish and innovative shooter.

Certainly it's not the best I have ever played but it is well up there with the best we have seen recently, a little to pulp and comical to be taken seriously by the gaming snobs I suspect.

What I really liked the most was the colours, that sounds a bit daft when talking about a frenetic shooter oozing with firepower, but it's. The use of colours in this game whether it is the characters or the lush urban settings - it looks amazing.

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