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YOU'VE got to be pretty confident to release a golf game up against the behemoth that is EA's Tiger Woods series.

While there are a few to be found, they normally stay to the arcade side of gameplay so not to be compared with the monster hit.

But maybe this is the perfect time for a new contender. Woods' image had taken a hit and while this year's game was good, the tacked-on Move compatibility was under-cooked.

So which clean cut golfer is stepping up to the tee? John Daly. Yep, the one-time mullet-sporting tubby drunk who slept in his car during tournaments.

To be fair, he has cleaned up his act since then. And he can be pretty pleased with the game as well.

Unsurprisingly ProStroke can't hold a candle in presentation to Woods.

But with a Move in your hand it offers a fun and satisfying experience. The Move is accurate and realistic - bringing with it a more human experience than the mashing of buttons.

Those of you who have played golf on the Wii would, I think, be pretty impressed as the feel and touch of the Move surpasses the Wiimote.

ProStroke does have problems though. The game modes are rather scarce and the graphics are just yuk.

Tiger can rest easy for the moment then, but Big John might take a swing at him next time round.

Smartphone seems like such a ridiculous phrase these days because when you get your hands on something like this.

Mobile phones have exceeded all expectations in recent years and this device is another example of that.


This funky device turns your computer into the ultimate karaoke machine and gives you access to thousands of songs in the process.

The device is very easy to set up and everything you need is on the box - including a month's free unlimited use of the website which hosts all the tracks.

On here you can build your own party playlists and just get singing to the words on the screen.

Perfect for all the family or for parties with friends it's great for anyone who thinks they can do better than the X-Factor contestants.

The best bit is being able to tinker with the echo and affects to make even the worst singer sound bearable!

I loved the way you can search for any artist using the excellent website and the words etc just pop up ready for you.

Great fun and perfect for Christmas...

More info at

• When you buy the Lucky Voice Party Box you get access to all 6000+ songs for 30 days. After the 30 days expire you still get three hours-worth of free singing to use when you please, and after that it costs £3.99 for 24 hours or £7.99 per month.

In my living room I am fighting a losing battle with the House of Mouse.

If it's not The Disney Channel being played by my teenage daughters on the TV then it's the Playhouse Disney Channel blasting out the rest of the time for my youngest.

When it comes to Disney in our house not only are my three daughters completely obsessed my other half Anthea is probably worse than them.

With Cars 2 on the horizon one of Disney's biggest franchises in recent years shows no sign of letting up.

The jury has been out on the Need For Speed series since it was taken on by Burnout producers Criterion Games.

Would it lose it's own identity or would the new influence make it stronger?

Well, it's a damn fine game and that's for sure!

Jungle Party (PSP)

By Steve Wollaston on Nov 21, 10 09:00 PM

Essentially a port of an old PS2 title Jungle Party is a collection of 40 mini-games for the PSP.

It is designed to allow hand around play or network play and has a wide variety of games such as Monkey penalties and lion taming that all offer the same zany gameplay and cutesy graphics.

This may not be the most innovative game in the world but stick it in the hands of a few kids and it will keep them entertained and amused.

There is a lot of variety and replay value.

Review: The Sims 3 (360)

By Steve Wollaston on Nov 21, 10 08:34 AM

I PLAYED the first ever Sims game and kind of enjoyed it. Bizarre, unique and downright addictive.

Oh the joys of watching your on screen characters urinate on people's shag carpets and puke in their dustbins... I am a bit long in the tooth for it all now and my own life is hectic enough to not have to look after a virtual one!

Review: Eye Pet (PSP)

By Steve Wollaston on Nov 20, 10 10:46 AM

A new PSP title that started life on the main console, moving over from the PS3 is Sony's successful kids title Eye Pet.

Mine came packaged with Sony's PSP camera and whilst it isn't as in depth or interactive as the PS3 version it does have considerable depth and playability.

As well as being able to interact with your pet and play with him and keep him happy there is also a collection of different little mini games including bowling, sailing and fishing.

It's very similar to other virtual pet games but the camera element gives this an extra bit of innovation.

A charming title that is well worth a look

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