Dead to Rights: Retribution (Xbox 360)

By Steve Wollaston on Apr 26, 10 09:17 PM

YOU are vice cop Jack Slate and you're on a mission to clean up the city.

The problem is, nobody will help you apart from your dog!

And - quite literally - it is just you and Shadow tasked with cleaning up the streets and fighting a conspiracy against you.

You get to control not only Jack but also his pooch and that adds a nice bit of variety to a solid, if somewhat formulaic, shooter/beat-em-up.

Your character is a martial arts expert as well as a keen marksman.

So, as you might expect, he knows how to handle himself, and you have plenty of criminals in your path to dispose of.

The controls are fairly standard but nice and responsive and it's a blast to hammer away at the scumbags on the streets.

It's an all-guns-blazing button masher with some great graphics and fun gameplay. It does have its limitations, though.

The storyline is a bit twee.

And whilst the controls are fun, there is a feeling of 'been here before' about it, a sense of déja vu

But a decent game, make no mistake.


Steve Wollaston

Steve Wollaston - Sunday Mercury games reviewer Steve has been writing about video games for donkey's years. In fact he is probably far too old for it now which is why you will see a lot of reviews been done by kids... He has been nominated three times for Regional Games Journalist Of The Year at the Games Media Awards, but never wins. His major love is sports games and rates Sensible World of Soccer circa 90's as the greatest game ever made - closely followed by Championship Manager 2. Skyrim has currently taken over his life.

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