U Sing (Wii)

By Steve Wollaston on Jan 15, 10 07:42 PM

FAMILY karaoke will never be the same again.

Get the earplugs in and prepare for a winter blast of Lady Gaga, Coldplay and Amy Winehouse numbers to batter the eardrums.

We Sing comes - rather handily - with two Logitech microphones to allow disco divas to try and hit the high notes straight-away.

And it's also got a USB port hub, which allows a total of four wannabe warblers to join in the fun.

We Sing boasts a terrific selection of karaoke numbers to either master or murder, has an insanely easy menu to navigate around and offers a string of cheesy but competitive vocal challenges.

And 80s favourites UB40 are even included for the golden oldies.

However, it won't win any awards for originality and, oddly in this day and age, you can't download extra songs to croon away to.

Perhaps We Sing isn't quite at the standard of the likes of Singstar and Lips, but its innovative multiplayer options and family-friendly gameplay makes it perfect for a boozy night in with all the relatives.

Released in time for Christmas, this could now be in the sales and may be a good time to grab a copy of it!


Steve Wollaston

Steve Wollaston - Sunday Mercury games reviewer Steve has been writing about video games for donkey's years. In fact he is probably far too old for it now which is why you will see a lot of reviews been done by kids... He has been nominated three times for Regional Games Journalist Of The Year at the Games Media Awards, but never wins. His major love is sports games and rates Sensible World of Soccer circa 90's as the greatest game ever made - closely followed by Championship Manager 2. Skyrim has currently taken over his life.

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