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Saw: The Video Game (360)

By Steve Wollaston on Nov 25, 09 11:16 AM

If you thought it was impossible for anything to be more macabre than the Saw films then think again because the game is even worse!

You play as Detective David Tapp and you are Jigsaw's latest torture victim. He has rather kindly inserted a key inside you.

There is little point in me going through the usual drill regarding GTA.

Everyone knows about this game now. Perhaps the most controversial game of all time, but also one of the best.

Borderlands (360)

By Steve Wollaston on Nov 25, 09 11:07 AM

2K games have come up trumps with what they are billing as the first ever 'Role Play Shooter' - a true hybrid between an RPG and FPS.

I'm not so sure that is the case. Fallout 3 for me was probably a lot closer to being a true pioneer in that sense.

A Boy And His Blob (Wii)

By Steve Wollaston on Nov 19, 09 12:28 PM

If you see a better presented and more charming looking game than this I want to hear about it.

World Of Zoo (Wii)

By Steve Wollaston on Nov 19, 09 12:26 PM

Cute animals, clever use of the Wii-mote, bags of colour and oodles of kiddie-appeal.

Yes, it's another Christmas game aimed at the kids, but a very good one to boot.

Here's what 11-year-old Katie Smith thought of the game:

Football Manager 2010 (PC)

By Steve Wollaston on Nov 19, 09 12:23 PM

The recent Championship Manager 2010 game proved that it was possible for another game to challenge the Football Manager dominance.

This latest game from Sega though does reinforce that dominance once again.

New Super Mario Bros (Wii)

By Steve Wollaston on Nov 19, 09 12:17 PM

Quite how Nintendo have managed to create a masterpiece of a game that is so much like it was in 1985 and yet so radically different is simply beyond me.

This game sent me bouncing back to the late 80's with a spectacular 2D gaming experience that maintains the very heart of the originals all those years ago.

So much has been incorporated from the early games like the same power-ups and environments and all of those familiar characters we all love.

Sometimes games just come along that are that good you simply don't know where to start when reviewing them.

This is one of those games.

Epic storyline, huge multiplayer fun and potential, and graphics to die for.

Throw in suspense, realism, fear, angst, gung-ho brilliance, excitement and even disgust and you are getting close.

Wii Fit +

By Steve Wollaston on Nov 9, 09 01:30 PM

The girls in my family love the Wii Fit and use it constantly to exercise and they love tracking their progress as they go.

Me? I hate it! I think it's a fantastic piece of kit, it has revolutionalized the leisure aspect of gaming and it is quite simply brilliant.

KNEE-high leather boots, sweaty bodies, grunts and groans - it could only mean one thing.

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