Wet (360)

By Steve Wollaston on Sep 29, 09 11:36 AM

A High-octane, jaw-droppingly brilliant action game with a heroine that makes Lara Croft look like Little Miss Muffet.

Do I need to say anymore?

Hmm... the editor just told me that I'm contractually obliged to do just that.

Bethesda, those good people behind my favourite game in the last three years - Fallout 3 - are back with another very polished and playable shooter.

You play as hired-gun Rubi-Malone, a gun-wielding, enemy slaughtering, sword specialist, sexy chick with far too much attitude.

This 18-certificate game has not only some of the best graphics, soundtrack and action you will see all year in a video game, it also has arguably the sexiest control system.

You can shoot from anywhere. Fire while running, sliding down ladders, sliding across the floor, slice and dice with your sword and throw yourself around like a 12-year-old Russian gymnast.

This is certainly not a slow shooter, or a dull one. In fact, the pace is, at times, simply breath-taking. It's not a happy game either. There is a huge body count and lots of grisly deaths - but damn, it's good fun.

Its style knits everything together superbly.

It has a seedy retro 70s vibe to it and that is reflected in the soundtrack. If you like your games fast, furious, violent and addictive this is the game for you.

The only slight flaw I would say is that it is slightly style over substance. Gameplay, whilst great, can sink into repetitive button mashing.

It never stops being enjoyable though.


Steve Wollaston

Steve Wollaston - Sunday Mercury games reviewer Steve has been writing about video games for donkey's years. In fact he is probably far too old for it now which is why you will see a lot of reviews been done by kids... He has been nominated three times for Regional Games Journalist Of The Year at the Games Media Awards, but never wins. His major love is sports games and rates Sensible World of Soccer circa 90's as the greatest game ever made - closely followed by Championship Manager 2. Skyrim has currently taken over his life.

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