Cursed Mountain (Wii)

By Steve Wollaston on Sep 18, 09 03:39 PM

YET another serious game from Nintendo - what's going on? I mean this game will positively scare the bejeezus out of you.

Set in the Himalayas, you take on the role of a mountaineer on a quest to find your lost brother and discover ancient secrets of the Tibetan Monks.

This is no ordinary expedition, though, and you won't just be battling the bad weather - there are some very dark times ahead in that there snowy mountain!

This game came from out of nowhere for me, and I think that is why I like it so much. This is a very atmospheric and brooding game with suspense at every corner and a great storyline to boot.

The whole Buddhist mythology and vibe through the game is perfectly done and is brought to life by some excellent graphics and sound.

The game borrows heavily from titles like Silent Hill and Tomb Raider but when the end result is like this I think it's a compliment rather than a pale imitation. In saying that, this game very much has its own identity.

It is very linear in its approach and adopts a quite straight-forward horror-style executed extremely well from start to finish.

Cut-scenes help knit things together nicely, I won't mention the enemy - I think it's more fun to experience it for yourself as you progress.

Gameplay is quite basic, there is a mix of action, adventure, mystery and puzzles and at no point did I feel the game was awkward or annoying. A very edgy game, lots of fun, and one to play in the dark.

After so many 'samey' titles on the Wii even a game this foreboding puts a big warm smile on my chops.


Steve Wollaston

Steve Wollaston - Sunday Mercury games reviewer Steve has been writing about video games for donkey's years. In fact he is probably far too old for it now which is why you will see a lot of reviews been done by kids... He has been nominated three times for Regional Games Journalist Of The Year at the Games Media Awards, but never wins. His major love is sports games and rates Sensible World of Soccer circa 90's as the greatest game ever made - closely followed by Championship Manager 2. Skyrim has currently taken over his life.

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