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The worst thing ever happened last night.

No not the Apocalypse.... the Mrs beat me on Wii boxing. And not a close thing, she knocked me out in the first round.

To compound my misery even further my 11-year-old Katie destroyed me on Bowling. What has happened to my skills.... I couldn't do reality keepy ups the other day either. Is this the start of the end?


Steve Wollaston

Steve Wollaston - Sunday Mercury games reviewer Steve has been writing about video games for donkey's years. In fact he is probably far too old for it now which is why you will see a lot of reviews been done by kids... He has been nominated three times for Regional Games Journalist Of The Year at the Games Media Awards, but never wins. His major love is sports games and rates Sensible World of Soccer circa 90's as the greatest game ever made - closely followed by Championship Manager 2. Skyrim has currently taken over his life.

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