Broken Sword: The Shadow of The Templar

By Steve Wollaston on Mar 27, 09 02:46 PM

I HAVE been a fan of the Broken Sword series for a decade or so now, the thought of a DS version of the game was intriguing to me.

Graphically the game surprised me, the Broken Sword ethos is perfectly recreated on the DS, it looks fantastic and the split screen is extremely well used.

All of the magic of the previous point-and-click episodes is here, the superb suspense and plot unveiling is particularly pleasing. The use of puzzle-solving in the game is as impressive as ever - nothing is too obvious yet nothing is stupidly difficult, as ever the mix is just right and enough to keep you occupied.

The DS as a home for Broken Sword is an interesting one but I have to say in a way I really did prefer it, there is a little of the depth missing as you would expect but the split-screen adds something different.

A superb storyline helps this game tick along at a great pace, I really am struggling to say anything negative - I have been playing this for 45 minutes now and have enjoyed every single second of it.


unklerupert said:

Looks good. DS great platform for a point & click revival. Would love to see a Lucasarts compilation, I think the Founder of Revolution Software (BS developers) has spokent to LucasArts about doinf something.

Steve said:

I was a bit gutted not to be sent it on the Wii for reviw. DS version is nice though.


Steve Wollaston

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