Clamerogg & the Tooth Fairy

By Paul Flower on May 18, 10 09:52 AM

Is it over yet, or has it only just begun? Did we make any decisions or have they yet to come?

I was trying to explain the election campaign to an exiled Brit, now living in New York. He'd helped out on the Obama campaign which seemed exciting to me; whereas ours only became interesting once we'd finished voting. Ours was like a beauty pageant where you don't fancy any of the contestants much. Indeed it was hard to find any redeeming features.

Not that I think politics should be reduced to the level of a Broad Street 'meet market' bar. It's hardly as if I'm wandering around thinking 'phwoar, look at the fiscal policies on that' or 'Jesus, they look like they'd give the deficit a good seeing to'.

I'd like to have the brainpower to contemplate the deficit but my mind is occupied by micro-economics. Like whether the companies who engage my services will consider that the current climate makes me unaffordable, or will the NHS be capable of coping with my impending illnesses?

Closer to home my son wants £2 for his recently departed tooth. He argues that because it's a 'big one' the value should be twice the norm. I tell him that this is a financial decision for the tooth fairy. 'There is no tooth fairy' he tells me. 'It's you & mum'.
'Have you ever seen us take the teeth, or place the money?' I ask. He has not. 'Then you can't say it doesn't exist'.

If I apply this slightly twisted logic, then I cannot deny the existence of a coalition Government. I may not have seen it before, but that doesn't mean it can't exist. I can only hope they do a decent job because Aaron's just lost another molar and I need to finance these losses.

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