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the techno trap

By Paul Flower on Sep 28, 09 03:55 PM

Technology's a trial. Naturally we take it for granted. Massive technological advancements that weren't available to our parent's generation, we treat them as our birthright and become indignant when they fail.

I'm trying to adopt this Zen-like approach as I battle through my ninth day without broadband. It hasn't been easy. The first challenge, when your ADSL signal dies, is to actually contact your Internet Service Provider. Naturally your significant dealings with them are conducted via their web-site or by e-mail, neither of which are available when you lose access on a Sunday as I did.

So, it's already day 2 by the time they know there's a problem. You fill in a complicated form which explains how you've already jumped through the hoops of testing the line with alternate routers/modems and line-splitters. All of which you had to retrieve from the loft of course because you'd assumed you no longer needed them, which was actually true. You fill in the forms and then you wait.

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