End of an Era, and the Start of Something Beautiful

By Luke Wilkins on Oct 4, 10 11:29 AM

So for the first time in 16 months, I’ve awoken on a Monday.....and I’m not doing my usual 10am-2pm slot on Kerrang’s very odd! I have now taken my dream job of the evening show on Kerrang, which starts at 7pm, freeing up my days to focus more on the sport side of things, and also to give me more of a chance to do my hair and makeup!

Okay I may have been joking about the make-up, but not the hair, and rumour has it, now that I am 1 month back into full time training, there may even be a chance for me to play a bit of rugby again, but we shall see!

Firstly, it has been a huge gap since my last blog, and so much has happened, where to start? Well now I have my days to focus on the sporting side of things (and no, not just heading to Tamworth to snowboard all day!) I will be writing a lot more often, especially, as on my first day off, I’ve only landed the awesomeness of the final day of the Ryder Cup, the start of the Commonwealth games, and even India vs. Australia at cricket! Also because I have no actively started to contribute to BBC radio Five Live, and hopefully, after my special report on the Women’s Rugby World Cup, you’ll be hearing a lot more of me on that certain bastion of British Sporting genius.


I’m also the new pitch side announcer for the Birmingham Bee’s, so you’ll be getting a lot more updates from my fave Championship rugby side, as I will be watching all of their home games, and I hope they can turn around there start to the season which has so far seen them lose all of their games!

I have also been doing a whole world of stuff in the world of motorbikes as I’m sure you are aware, and I was gutted yesterday that the final Round of the British Moto X championships at Hawkstone was called off, especially as we drove for 2 hours to get there, and were forced to turn around half a mile from the track due to flooded roads, although the event was in itself then called off, which was such a shame for my Express Insurance team mate Jake Nicholls who was in 2nd place and had a chance of winning the title with 75 points up for grabs. Ah well, you can’t beat the British weather it seems!

Anyway, as I write this, Europe are 9.5 to 6.5 over the USA in the Ryder Cup, and we are also ahead in most of the singles matches currently underway, so I will crack on with watching that , and catching up on the Moto GP action from the weekend, and blog back tomorrow with my thoughts, one sad thing was watching Arsenal lose to Chelsea at the weekend, especially as I genuinely though we were the better team, but once more, it just shows that the big name players such as Drogba, can make such a difference...............Chamakh just isn’t quite there yet, but hey much for another season ;-)


Right then, I best get cheering on Europe, and also get my lazy arse to the gym, currently 13 stone, only another 3 to go before I’m back at playing weight lol!

Until next time!

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