Parkour wall flip fails

By Steve Wollaston on Jan 15, 10 11:14 AM

Extreme sports are great when they are going well, but when they are going wrong - boy does it hurt!

This is our tribute to those brave enough to jump over and at walls...

Winter wallies!

By Steve Wollaston on Jan 8, 10 11:18 AM

Cars + Snow = carnage

By Steve Wollaston on Jan 8, 10 11:11 AM

Snow can be painful

By Steve Wollaston on Jan 8, 10 11:07 AM

Hilarious Sled accident!

By Steve Wollaston on Jan 8, 10 11:04 AM

It's snow joke for the woman who gets hit!

Ninja Cat!

By Daniel Smith on Aug 17, 09 10:00 AM

He's coming for you!

Bat Fight - Will Ferrell

By Daniel Smith on Jun 30, 09 01:25 PM

It's a game of honour and diplomacy!

High Def in super slo-mo

By Daniel Smith on Jun 19, 09 07:32 AM

I-Movix SprintCam v3 NAB 2009 showreel from David Coiffier on Vimeo.

Most of this spectacular footage was taken with a high definition camera at a recent rugby competition in Paris.

How slow is the motion? 1,000 frames per second!


Just the ticket....

By Steve Wollaston on Apr 12, 09 06:00 PM

That's all she wanted...

Now although the video is called 'Stupid Woman' - that's not our view! Honest.

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