Congrats to Bob Dylan...

By Lorne Jackson on May 9, 09 12:09 AM

Congratulations Bob Dylan!


Together Through Life, the latest studio album from the 60's legend, is the first major collection of his songs to reach the top of the charts since 1970's New Morning.

I never used to like Dylan, as I didn't understand the lyrics to his more complex songs. Then I realised that he didn't understand them, either. From then on, me and Bob were just fine and dandy.

Although I've had this love/hate relationship with Dylan the lyricist, I've always adored his distinctive voice.


Sure it's a cracked crumble of a croak.

But Dylan was one of the first singers to prove to listeners that ugly can also be beautiful.

If he had been a smooth crooner, minus that gravel groan, he wouldn't have been able to deliver the same sincerity or passion.

The idea that ugly can be beautiful has always rung true with me.

Picasso proved the point in paint.

Picasso - Weeping Woman.jpg

Tarantino made the case using the medium of massacre.

Even John Prescott has shown that ugly can be beautiful.


Okay, maybe that's going a little too far...


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