A strange looking cat has entered our garden

By Keogh The Cat on Feb 24, 11 01:03 PM

Miaooow there, Keogh fans.

The strangest looking moggie has taken to entering our garden. I've seen them all hues, but nothing like this.

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A close-up of Dolly in her stuffed form.

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It's a Bengal and looks like something straight out of the jungle.

Fearsome name, fearsome cat. Apparently, it's named after an Indian place - the Royal
Bengal, High Street...

Apparently, it's half domestic cat, which begs the question: what does half a domestic cat look like? The other half, presumably.

The other half is really wild. Well, it was when I bit it, anyway.

Can't help feeling there'll be a heavy price paid for this meddling with cat genetics.

You'd think they would have learnt from Dolly the Sheep. Clever as they are, those scientists can't talk sheep.

Dolly didn't come to a sticky end, that's because they don't make spare-ribs out of sheep.

But she suffered health problems and became the butt of jokes, such as: Two sheep walk into a baaaa.

And she got sick of other members of the flock sauntering up to her and saying: "I look like ewe."

Medics argued she was in mint condition, but that was only after someone handed over the sauce boat.

I think they should realise clones have feelings, too.

Lost count of how many cat breeds they've created in just a handful of years. There's even a 'Sphynx' - so named because it leaves little pyramids in each room.

My mate Ginger reckons there are plans to cross a domestic cat with a lion.

The result will be a moggie that puts its owner out at night.

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I remember when I was a kid, I saw a very strange cat and I was so scared. Because of that incident, I never remember that I admire cats anymore. - Dr. Paul Perito

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