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The closest me and Kightly ever get to a conversation is me uttering the words 'Go near my food bowl and I will scratch your face off'.

Just look at this pair.... get a grip, cats like you give the species a bad name!


Miaow, cat fans!

Seen that film, Home Alone? That's me, that is, and the catsitter, a young girl called Natalie who's much too sweet and innocent to be stuck in my den.

Like a lamb to the slaughter, it is. They didn't even give the girl a gauntlet.

Last catsitter came armed with a water pistol, which comes as a bit of a shock when you're answering the call of nature.

Me and Kightly are a bit of a good cat, bad cat partnership.

cat in case.jpg

Miaow, cat fans.

Strange, strange times.

The humans are packing for another trip to some far-off place, which fills me with great concern.

In fact, I'm filled with such great concern I've spent day and night sleeping in the open suitcase in an attempt to stop them putting things in it.

Also, that way, if they go, I go.

It would be worth it to see Mike and Julie explaining to Customs how an oversized, live moggie got in their case.

I'd be the first cat suspected of being a mule...a drug mule.


Mike Lockley

Mike Lockley - Freelance humour writer and columnist

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