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Keogh goes stand-up!

By Keogh The Cat on Oct 3, 08 09:58 AM

Well not quite... but I do have a joke for you!

A frantic old lady rings her vet late at night and asks the best way of separating two mating cats.

"Try prising them apart with a stick," says the vet.
A few minutes later the OAP rings back. The stick hasn't worked. Has the vet another idea?

"You could try flinging a bucket of water over them," he suggests.

"Still no good," the woman says. "Is there anything else I can do?"
The vet, by now in something of a funk, replies: "Go and tell one of the cats it's wanted on the phone?"

"Will that work?" asked the non-plussed woman.

"It's worked three times for me," bellows the vet before slamming down the phone.

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