...giant multicoloured pom poms to outline your silhouette of clashing leopard/zebra/multicoloured abstract print.

How does that sound?

Want to see more? Click HERE

The thing with London Fashion week... or any 'Fashion' Week for that matter, is that it is not just a showcase of the biggest and newest designers alike's predictions on next seasons trends, it is a showcase for their wild and wacky talents, from incredibly structured or intricate detailing, to the most beautiful and elaborate creations... to the most ridiculous, impractical showpieces you have ever seen in your life. Either way, they are there to showcase themselves as true artists and out do their competitors. Massive generalisation there you understand but you get the jist.

So Ashish. As a fan of tights (in the winter at least), I am certainly impressed with his use of leopard and different coloured zebra/tiger print pairs. I am also impressed with the range of shoeboots. As for the giant pom poms.... maybe we should just translate those into hats, or just a couple to finish off tassles, ties, thick woolly scarves or as a statement detail on a coat or chunky knit. I can't imagine a spectrum of pom poms widening your silhouette by approximately 4 inches on each side really taking off can you?

Are YOU Metrosexual?

By Sarah Morris on Feb 19, 09 04:03 PM in Fashion

Before I begin, I have joined facebook as Lady LaDiva (apparently 'Diva D' couldn't possibly be a real person)so please find me and add me - you can keep up with my newest blog postings and what I'm looking at on a daily basis... or perhaps give me an issue to discuss!


I mentioned the 'Metrosexual Male' last week in my blog... and consequently appeared to inspire an entire blog devoted to it: Metrosexual Monologue (written by my lovely friend Jaymeetee).

Now, Jaymeetee read my blog and thought 'Crikey! Am I Metrosexual male? After all I take care of my appearance, I love shopping, I own several manbags, I wear so-called winklepickers, teamed with semi-skinny jeans (mens), I diet and work out to look good...'
But this then got me thinking, OK, so we have this apparent new breed of Metrosexual Male that appears to have gained popularity throughout the noughties. But what actually is a Metrosexual man? And why is that only over the last decade 'he' appears to have emerged?

Manbags and Gladrags!

By Sarah Morris on Feb 13, 09 05:46 PM in

manbag soccer.jpg

Hello darlings!
So, I've decided to give my recent rantings and frustrations with the lack of fashion opportunity in this, the second city, a rest for a while. And this week I'm concentrating on a new subject....


Men and style, and to be precise, the MANBAG!

Now, I'm pretty sure there was a time when the concept of a man carrying a handbag(!) would have been unheard of;
"What? A man with a handbag? Why that's absurd! Ridiculous! He'd have to be gay!"
For no real man would prance around with a handbag, right?

Aaaaaah. How times have changed!

This is the era of the 'Metrosexual Male' afterall: no longer is it just women who use face creams, body creams, pluck their eyebrows, wear make-up, claim their favourite pastime is shopping...

Monday 02 February 2009, Birmingham Post:
"Birmingham's fashion talent needs more opportunities"

Well there's a revelation.
They're certainly not wrong, but I could have told you that years ago... in fact, the Post probably did, but no doubt a few people went " Yes!" then didn't do anything about it.

As you may (or may not know) I completed my BA (Hons) Fashion Design degree in Birmingham, with great designs on becoming a stylist. In fact I was aiming at 'stylist to the stars' status, and I reckon I would have done a darn good job of it too. But there were just a couple of hitches in my plan:

There was nothing in Birmingham other than my short (but nonetheless successful!) stint as Style Advisor, aka Personal Shopper in the fashion retailer I worked at to pay my way through university.

Nope - the best way to begin as a fashion stylist is via starting as a fashion assistant at a fashion or lifestyle magazine and working your way up... and most of these are based in London.

So London. That's fine right? Well, if you can afford to live in London in anything better than a cardboard box AND eat for a year whilst you do a year's full-time unpaid work experience at said 'glossies' before they offer you a pitiful salary then yes.
My answer was no.


I could go on but I don't think I really need to elaborate much further: in a nutshell, university left me broke, in debt (even more now - thanks Gordon), and living in a city where the only viable opportunity in fashion for me personally was the degree course I'd just done, or working in a retailer, which with no disrespect to those that do, does not exactly require a degree to qualify.

Welcome to Birmingham: the real world.

What a Glamour Puss!

By Sarah Morris on Jan 29, 09 10:19 AM in Style

So guys (and girls), have you met our new blogger Kitty Lea?

Delightful isn't she - very pretty young lady. Not a bad figure on her either so it's not a surprise she's been "modelling" since she was 18. Her 18th birthday to be precise.

You know, I remember that ever since I myself was young, I always pictured myself as a bit of a glamour girl, so when it came to my 18th birthday, I planned my night out, 'glammed' myself up... and career-wise just wished away the rest of my time studying A-Levels so I could get on with going to university to embark on my fashion career (I later decided against that - obviously).

Yep, I always loved a bit of glamour.


Obamamania has struck! And all our eyes are on.... Michelle!

Yep, the good man himself has taken his place under the watchful eyes of many people the world over, and the hot topic on our lips? The First Lady's choice of dress...

Ladies and gentlemen. Please allow me to introduce you to not JUST America's new First Lady, but America's new First Lady of style!

The fabulous Mrs O caused nations to gasp at the elegance and beauty of her stunningly ornate white, one shoulder, chiffon gown.

Not only that, she wore it with such effortless and natural style, as with each of her outfit choices on the run up to Obama's inauguration.

But perhaps the most pleasing part of it? It was designed not by a traditional ball dress designer, not by the usual heavy weight couture designers, but by a 26 year old New York designer; Jason Wu (damn good boost for his career wouldn't you say).


New Years Resolution No.1: LOSE MY BIG BUM!

Sound familiar to anyone? Well, for those of you out there who, a little like myself would consider themselves as a somewhat resemblance to a pear (whether it be just slightly or a lot!), before you reluctantly go and join that gym in the hope of transforming your body shape into one not dissimilar to Elle 'The Body' Macpherson (yep, at 44 years old the lady's still got it...biatch) I have just one word of advice for you.......


(Unless you want to of course)

Yes. That's right my lovely big bummed beauties out there, I said stop. Don't do it. Leave your curvy derrieres to their juicy selves for just... one... little season. Because...

The Harem Pant has come to your rescue!

But, before you go scouring La Senza or M&S for this 'Harem Knicker', no it is not a new miracle shrink wrapping under garment. It is a pair of trousers, and no - they still don't hold you in.
Now, do not be alarmed at the terminology involved in the description of these trousers, but the Harem pant is in fact generally shaped as follows:
Loose hipped (So far so good)
Fairly loose legged (Still not bad)
Tapered at the ankle (WOOOOOOAH!)

Sounds horrendous? Please, fear not, as I can categorically confirm that they are actually rather flattering if you find a good pair... and of course understand how to wear them.

Happy New ... Birmingham?

Well hello... Happy New Year!

At least I hope it's going to be, as opposed to all the doom and gloom we're currently being bombarded with.

So, it's been a few weeks since my last post. And since then I've been incredibly busy stuffing my face with festive delights and drinking far too much in order to put on the compulsory half stone over Christmas... yeah. Great.

Now I have to try even harder at the gym in order to get back into my super skinnies, comfortably (which I had to wrestle with the other day to my horror).

One thing you won't find me doing is following these apparently simple (yet you have to completely change the contents of every cupboard in your kitchen) detox plans that are presently emblazoned across nearly every magazine I'm faced with. I blame Carol Vorderman for that.

No, you didn't read that wrong.

Birmingham just isn't the stylish city you would all like to believe it is.


To those of you who I may have already (certainly) offended, at least hear me out.

I was in London last week. I will make no secret of it.

London is probably my favourite city.

But aside from my bias in that sense, being a Birmingham City Centre dweller myself, I would actually, believe it or not, like to think that the city I inhabit is the chic-est place to be seen in.

But it just isn't.


I have been in London this week. England's 'Fashion Capital'. Yet for perhaps first time in my life, I found myself almost dumbfounded by what it has presented to me...

The pink velour Juicy Couture tracksuit, the iconic Chav uniform favoured and made famous by the one and only Miss Paris Hilton, which Coleen Rooney soon adopted, followed quickly by 'chavs' the world over, has, I have just discovered, MADE FASHION HISTORY!


Sarah Morris

Sarah Morris - the Sunday Mercury's resident fashionista: pulls no punches when it comes to style.

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