We've gone Cake Crazy!

By Sarah Morris on Apr 8, 10 05:45 PM in

This year, if you haven't so far noticed a massive rise in the popularity of cup cake consumption... WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

Not being a typical cake-eater myself (whatever a typical cake-eater is), even I have been swayed by the delightfully delicious offerings from our local cup-cake selling delis and cafes. Those pretty, stylish, swirly icing shapes decorated with various sweet gems are almost too much for my luscious lips to resist... and eventually I gave in. Although I must admit it is the icing decoration that I lust after most, rather than the cake itself.

Anyway, since this cup-cake-craze became so fashionable (I am even part of a semi-official Birmingham cake group - it's ultra cool I'll have you know), I've noticed that more and more talented cake creators are getting even more creative with their creations.... check out THESE fantastic creations!
There's a Twitter cake, trainers, pizza, sushi on a cake, and even... wait for it, a PLAYSTATION 3 cake!

Get me a personal trainer now!

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