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As I write this I am still sat in work, with loads to do, and the all important Sony Nominations happening on the big screen in the Kerrang Boardroom. I should probably explain, the Sony's are radios equivalent to the Oscars, and apart from being a bloody good excuse to get drunk, they are also pretty big deals to presenter's careers.

The Kerrang Team.jpg

Formula One made a welcome return at 7am yesterday morning out in Melbourne, and wasn't it great to see ridiculous well paid men spending a couple of hours driving round and round without actually going anywhere!

Honestly if Jensen Button was a taxi driver he would be'd go everywhere fast, but end up where you started from...........luckily he isn't and he netted a very impressive win for his new team!
Victory is sweet for Button, who now looks like he finally has a car to show what he is really capable of.jpg

So this weekend see's the return of Formula One, with new rules, new teams and a whole world of anticipation!!!

I can't wait till Sunday morning when It all kicks off, and it looks like it will be an amazing season ahead, with the eventual winner being anyone's guess!!

Lewis gives it some tap.jpg
One thing is for sure though is that our champ Lewis will be well off teh pace in the first race, lets hope he can provide us all with a magical drive to prove me worng, but it does seem as though McLaren will struglle for the early part of the season.

Well it's a Wednesday, and as always I try and take a look at something in the world of sport that has caught my eye and give you my thoughts in what has become the editorial section of this blog!
Me on a good day....................
I have had a week of weights and rugby training due in part to it being a rest week and also I managed to tweak my knee during training last week, and that's one good thing with getting older, you realise when your body is telling you its time to take a rest, instead of carrying on and making things worse!!

The British Grand Prix was an amazing spectacle on Sunday.

With pressure mounting on his title credentials, and with people saying that last season might have been a fluke, and questions arising over his temperament, Lewis Hamilton gave a master class in motor racing.

Honestly, in those conditions, to perform as well as he did, and to lap everyone apart from his fellow podium finishers, was truly amazing. There were times when I thought Lewis was driving a different track to everyone else!


What a talent! And more importantly, what a person. His relationship with his dad and his self-confidence has given him the belief he can do anything - and good on him for it!

Some people call Hamilton arrogant, and yes he is, but you need to be to perform as a world-class athlete.

I remember Sir Ian Botham responding to the comment "My God man, you're arrogant!".

He replied: "Of course I am. If I wasn't supremely confident in my ability to do these things, I would never pull them off!"

Never a truer word spoken and a mantle nicely taken up by Kevin "I can hit you left-handed" Pietersen.

When you get to the elite level of sport (I can talk from experience being the reigning World Champion at Thumb Wars), you need a certain arrogance and confidence to do the things that others wouldn't think of, and this is even more crucial when driving at 200mph, with a bit of plastic between you and a concrete wall a la Hamilton.

So the Formula 1 title race is back on, although I must admit I am slightly disappointed.

My housemate spent the weekend at Silverstone watching the Grand Prix, and failed to do the one thing I asked, which was to bring me home a Pit Girl.


I wouldn't mind, but I gave him the vial of chloroform, and even a handy carry bag to bring one home in.

But never mind, at least I got my revenge on him when he returned, destroying his self-confidence with a 8-2 thrashing on Pro Evo (the footy game we use as a yardstick for our manliness), including over 40 shots on goal for me compared to his two.

He couldn't face playing me again. Ah, the joys of computer gaming!

On a final note, no cricket this week, as the great British summer has decided to arrive.

Let's hope that that yellow ball in the sky returns this weekend so I can get my fix once more.

I've started a new training regime with the guy who owns the gym I go to.

Here's a tip for you - try to avoid training with someone who owns a gym.

They're normally pretty fit, damn it!

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