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Wrinkly fingers from sitting in the bath for too long could well have a useful purpose, according to research.

Wrinkles that form on skin after being in water improves grip on wet objects, scientists from Newcastle University claim to have shown.

The study compared the results of people taking objects out of water with and without the prune-like skin formation.


A newly-discovered type of stem cell could be the key to higher thinking in humans, research suggests.

Scientists have identified a family of stem cells that may give birth to neurons responsible for abstract thought and creativity.

The cells were found in embryonic mice, where they formed the upper layers of the brain's cerebral cortex.

Telling twins apart

By Daniel Smith on Jul 17, 12 10:10 AM

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Every mother of identical twins knows how to tell her children apart.

Now scientists have found evidence of effects before birth that could account for some of the differences.

On paper, identical twins that share the same womb and set of genes should be indistinguishable.

Gadgets could run on knee power

By Daniel Smith on Jun 19, 12 12:12 PM


Wearable electronic gadgets could in future be powered by people's knees, a study has shown.

Scientists have tested an "energy harvester" electricity generator designed to be strapped to the knee.

Walking motion causes plectrum-like tabs within the device to "pluck" energy generating arms, causing vibrations that produce electrical current.

Why is yawning contagious?

By Daniel Smith on May 15, 12 11:43 PM

I've always wondered why this should be.


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