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Amazing view of solar eclipse

By Daniel Smith on May 24, 12 11:36 PM


This week sky watchers from eastern Eurasia to western North America saw a fiery ring around the Moon as it passed between the Sun and the Earth.

The event blocked sunlight across a swath of Earth up to 300 kilometers (185 miles) wide, and the effects were most dramatic across the northern Pacific Ocean as seen in this image from Nasa.

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Time-lapse lunar eclipse

By Daniel Smith on Dec 13, 11 10:13 AM

Photographer Jeffrey Sullivan took a sequence of pictures of the Moon from San Francisco and put together this cool time-lapse animation covering ten minutes of the eclipse.

lunar.JPGHead to the Shetland Islands, find a good horizon and pray for good weather.

A total lunar eclipse might then be visible - but only just and for a mere matter of minutes.

On Saturday afternoon, the Sun, Earth and Moon will fall almost exactly in line.

The result, seen from the Shetland Islands, should produce a special celestial spectacle, with the satellite appearing a brilliant red.

Skywatchers in other UK locations may see a partial lunar eclipse, providing their views are not obscured by cloud.

Eclipse from space

By Daniel Smith on Sep 20, 11 10:00 AM

Nasa's Solar Dynamics Observatory has eclipse seasons twice a year near each equinox.

For three weeks near midnight Las Cruces time our orbit has the Earth pass between SDO and the Sun.

These eclipses can last up to 72 minutes in the middle of an eclipse season. The current eclipse season started on September 11 and lasts until October 4.

The continuous contact with the ground station our orbit allows was judged to outweigh the loss of some images.

Setting Sun

By Daniel Smith on Apr 5, 11 10:00 AM


This super image of the half-blocked sun was captured by the orbiting Solar Dynamics Observatory as it slipped behind the Earth.

SDO orbits 22,000 miles above Earth's surface and twice a year the spacecraft enters an eclipse season when the Earth blocks its view of the Sun for up to 72 minutes a day.

Notice the 'ragged' shadow of the Earth caused by its variable atmosphere.


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