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British conservationists are tracking endangered red-breasted geese to solve the mystery of thousands of birds lost in migration.

More than 90 birds were caught and tagged in Bulgaria to try to find out what happened to more than 50,000 geese which disappeared from their wintering grounds along the Black Sea coast about 10 years ago.

British conservationists from the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) are working with the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) to identify whether the birds found a new site in Asia or fell victim to hunting, development or changes in farming along their 6,000km migration to breeding grounds in Arctic Russia.


A girl rotating her head 360 degrees was one of the scariest moments in the horror movie The Exorcist.

But owls are capable of performing virtually the same feat without any help from a possessing demon.

Now scientists have solved the mystery of how the birds can swivel their heads almost in a complete circle without suffering serious injury.

Hippo hangout for ducks

By Daniel Smith on Aug 6, 12 12:05 PM

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At first glance it must have looked like the perfect place for these ducks to do a spot of preening.

But this pair of mallards may have underestimated the precarious nature of their resting place on the lake.

Rather than a rocky outcrop, the birds are actually sitting on the back of Spot the hippo - one of the most dangerous animals at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire.


Scientists are seeking the help of farmers to investigate the mystery of Britain's disappearing starlings.

Once the chirpy chatter of the starling was one of the most recognisable sounds of the countryside.

But across the UK their numbers have declined by 80% since 1979, and by nearly a third in the last ten years.

Use your optical illusion

By Daniel Smith on May 1, 12 10:12 AM


Nature is pretty good at these illusions. This furry caterpillar is more than it seems...


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