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Burning hole to Hell

By Daniel Smith on Mar 16, 11 10:00 AM


In June 2010, a team of scientists and intrepid explorers stepped onto the shore of the lava lake boiling in the depths of Nyiragongo Crater, in the heart of the Great Lakes region of Africa, and this is what they were met with.


It's easy to forget just how massive Africa is...

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Africa did not give birth to the ancestors of monkeys, apes and humans as is often believed, new research suggests.

Instead the earliest "anthropoids" colonised Africa from Asia, it is claimed.

New fossils discovered in central Libya and dating back 39 million years contain a surprising variety of species, say scientists.

Termites rule the savannah

By Daniel Smith on May 25, 10 10:00 PM

Termites are the uncrowned kings of the African savannah, new research has shown.

The tiny insects tower above lions, elephants and giraffes when it comes to shaping and maintaining the ecosystem.

Grassy termite mounds measuring some 30ft in diameter and 60 to 100 yards apart form a scattered mosaic of ecological hotspots, the study reveals.

Cheetah scared by warthog

By Daniel Smith on Apr 27, 10 12:00 PM

The fearsome feline predator is given a bit of a scare by a pig hiding in a hole!


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