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Excited to see White Lies LIVE @ KERRANG! on June 16th!

They are unreal. Amazing weekend. Glasgow rules.

So do boys who make you smile lots!

Sat 7th Feb

Played at The Arena in Middlesbrough tonight - amazing gig - every time I go there people there are wicked to play to. Very hungover the next morning!

Fri 13th Feb

My little brother Rob's birthday today.

Drove down to London after Kerrang! Radio Drive Time show to surprise him and my family who were all out having dinner.

It was so nice to see everyone - I miss them, living in Birmingham.

Sat 14th Feb

Valentines day - No Valentine.

Boo. Rubbish.

Sometimes I wish I had one!

Flew to Latvia this afternoon then did a 3 hour drive in the snow to Lithuania with my friend Emma who is also a DJ and we played a 4 hour set to crazy Lithuanians until 5am!

It was a great gig. Then we had to leave the club, go get our bags from the hotel and drive 3 hours back to Latvia to fly home to London.

Finally got home Sunday afternoon! What a mission.

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