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* Peanut Butter & Jam sandwiches

* Cal Gel nails in black that don't chip

* The Apprentice

* Yeah Yeah Yeahs new song Zero

* The White Lies album


* The Weather! Where has the sunshine gone?

* Living so far away from my family and friends

* My dirty car that needs a wash

* Parking fines

* The person whole stole my peanut butter at work!

Hello again!

Thursday 23rd October: The Birmingham Style Awards took place and it
was a really good evening, I presented an award which Topshop
deservedly won and drank lots at the after party with my friends!

Friday 24th October: Woke with a severe hangover and got myself to
Fighting Fit Gym for a workout with Wayne which made me feel a lot

After Kerrang I went back to London and spent the weekend with
my family and friends who i'd not seen in ages! Went to see Jamie
Jones play at Hub Hub in East London, really good night out with all
my old mates i'd not seen in ages!

Thursday 2nd October:

Just had laser hair removal on my bikini line - ouch! But worth it....

More pain at the gym with Wayne then I went home and gave myself a San Tropez tan after work.

Friday 3rd October:

Had my hair dyed today - bleach blonde... Looks in good condition seeing as it's had so much colour on.

Did my drive time radio show on Kerrang! and headed down to London where I met my best friend in Fulham for a quick drink before having a dinner date at a gorgeous Thai restaurant called The Blue Elephant.

I drank half a bottle of champagne and ate yummy food - it was a lovely evening.

Sorry it's late folks!

Being a blonde I thought only two weeks had passed. It appears it's been three.

Apologies if you've missed me :-)


So where do I begin?

Friday August 22

My Gay Pride DJ set in Manchester was cool. I opened the event so I didn't wanna play too hard before Boy George, who I met!

What a lovely guy. Stayed sober and drove back to Birmingham at midnight.

Read on for more - and the photos to prove it!

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