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Welcome to my second blog.

I've been a busy butterfly over the past 2 weeks!

This morning I got my hair cut and coloured - I've gone more ash blonde now and had about 2 inches cut off!

I didn't actually want that much cut off but my hair really needed it, so now I've got a bob!

Hopefully it'll grow quickly for my holiday...

I'm sat in the office of Kerrang! now, writing my blog before I start putting my show together for Drive Time.

Been busy with DJ gigs at The Plug in Sheffield, (amayonaissing!) Lush in Northern Ireland (wicked) and a hen night with 25 of us all dressed up as hideous disgusting bridesmaids and wedding guests.

The hen was in some vile white wedding dress that made her look like a Russian prostitute / Thai bride!

Hen Party.jpg

Check out the photo of me on the right!

I couldn't find any bridesmaid dresses so I went as a badly dressed wedding guest ...

This week I've got my own night at The Source Bar down in Maidstone happening.

The night has only recently launched and is called 'Wot Party?' The launch went really well and I'm hoping our 2nd party will be just as great, if not better!

We have Funkagenda on the bill too which is cool as he's playing at Global Gathering on Friday so it's a nice little warm-up, too!

I'm hoping that Wot Party? will end up being taken around the country to different venues.

I'm DJing at Dreamers in Puerto Banus Saturday night, then flying to Greece next week to DJ a couple of gigs - and on my return I'm flying back out to Spain to DJ again next weekend.

Tonight I'm hosting an evening of Decadent Fashion & Burlesque at The Vaults in Birmingham with Harvey Nichols.

Very exciting - I love watching fashion shows (mainly in hope of catching some gorgeous boys in their pants) and The Vaults is a really cool venue for a night out.

I've been training really hard at Fighting Fit Gym on Lionel Street, close to Kerrang Radio.

I only have about 35 days left to get my bikini body in to shape for my friend's wedding in Italy and my holiday to Ibiza!

love exercising. It releases all the stress and is really good fun - especially when you train at a gym that has a boxing ring!

Bye for now!

Love, Kate


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