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Sunday 29th March

Dog-sat for my flatmate's parents' dog Oli all week this week!

He is a shitsu, 16 years old, blind, has a heart murmur, can hardly walk but is absolutely adorable!

He joined OJ and I on Kerrang Radio and did nothing but wee up against the photocopiers in the office and sleep on the desk when we were doing our show.

On the Friday I drove back home to Beckenham in Kent to spend the evening with my family for a meal for Mothers Day, which was really nice.

On Saturday I drove up to Liverpool to DJ with my friends Hayley and Jen after spending a full day in the studio with my engineer Dave finishing off three tracks that will be coming out this year if they get signed to a label.

(It's not me singing before anyone thinks it is! I'm a rubbish singer!)

Monday 6th April


I flew to New York City on Thursday with eight friends for my friend's birthday weekend away. It was my first time in New York and I'd heard so much from other people I felt like I'd already been when I arrived.

The weather was gorgeous, our hotel was in the meat packing district and we did lots of sightseeing as we were only there for a few days.

I wanted to buy a vintage fur coat but the vintage shop I got told to go to tried to charge me $350! Ruined...

West Village and Greenwich Village were my favourite parts of New York. I ate lots of food, the best sushi I've ever tasted in my life, went to some really cool bars and restaurants, and ate in Pastis as featured in Sex in the City - yummy food!

We went to go see the Statue of Liberty but the queue for the boat was over two hours long so we left it, which I was a bit gutted about.

Still, happy birthday Kieran!

Friday 10th April

Caught some nasty cold on the plane flying back from New York and have been under the weather all week - boooooooo.

Jet lagged more than ever before too - next time I think I'll go to NYC for a bit longer than three nights!

Flying to Poland to DJ in Warsaw this evening and back tomorrow for a night of takeaway and DVDs with my friends so we can rest before our big bank holiday Sunday get together - we're all going to The Custard Factory in Digbeth for Cocoon!

I'm very excited as I've never been to the venue before and two of my favourite DJs in the world are playing (Sven Vath and Dubfire).

Will tell you all about the night in my next column.

Til next time....

Kate x

PS See you back here on Wednesday for my loves and hates of the moment!

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