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Lauren Cohan

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Lauren Cohan will be joining fellow Walking Dead cast members Chandler Riggs, Melissa McBride and Madison Lintz as special guests at the upcoming MCM Birmingham Comic Con (NEC Birmingham, 31 March - 1 April).

Lauren plays rebellious tomboy and farmer's daughter Maggie Greene on the award-winning zombie apocaplypse series, currently on its second season.

She also plays Bela Talbot in Supernatural, Vivian in Chuck and Rose in The Vampire Diaries.

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Fans of Supernatural will know the writers and stars love a good in-joke at the expense of themselves (and a few prime time contemporaries).

They started off fairly subtly in Hollywood Babylon when Sam and Dean went on a studio tour where racks of their own costumes were wheeled past, while Sam (Jared Padalecki) looked spooked when a guide pointed out the location setting for Gilmore Girls (which Jared got his big break in).

Anorak City caught up with Supernatural star Misha Collins at Rogue Events Asylum 5 convention in Birmingham to chat about the future of the show, random acts and why he called his son Anaximander.

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IThe Winchester brothers inadvertently managed to unleash hell in season five of Supernatural as, thanks to the manipulations of both angels and demons, Lucifer himself made it topside
t is, as the angel Zachariah sneeringly puts it, Apocalypse now, complete with the Devil, the Four Horsemen and an absentee God.
Originally planned for only five seasons, Supernatural's success and growing ratings has meant it is coming back for at least one year, though it would be hard to see what could top these biblical excesses.


The new Supernatural thriller, War Of The Sons, is published by Titan Books tomorrow - and Anorak City brings you an exclusive preview of the first chapter.

Co-written by Rebecca Dessertine, assistant to the show's creator Eric Kriple, and David Reed, Supernatural's script co-ordinator, it's a previously unseen adventure for the Winchester brothers.

Twenty-three years ago, Sam and Dean Winchester lost their mother to a demonic supernatural force.

Following the tragedy, their father taught the boys everything about the paranormal evil that lives in the dark corners of America and how to kill it.

On the hunt for Lucifer, the boys find themselves in a small town in South Dakota where they meet Don, an angel with a proposition.

How far will the boys go to uncover the secret Satan never wanted them to find out?

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