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Hunter Prey, the low budget sci-fi thriller from Batman: Dead End director Sandy Collora, finally makes it on to DVD in the UK tomorrow.

And if the sleeve artwork looks like Star Wars bounty hunter Boba Fett meets Hellboy and Skeletor, that's strictly intentional if nothing to do with the plot.

A group of intergalactic commandos crashlands on a desolate and hostile planet while transporting a deadly alien prisoner, who promptly escapes.

In the game of cat and mouse that follows, the commandos are wiped out one by one as they try to capture the sinister hooded creature - until just one is left.

It turns into the ultimate battle of good vs evil between commando and alien ... or does it?

There's a terrific twist about a quarter of a way into the movie that turns all our assumptions on their head.

I won't tell you what that is, but it turns Hunter Prey from a Star Wars clone into a great movie.

And just as things are wrapping up, there's another turn in the tale that leaves the viewer with some big questions to answer about the nature of evil.

Click to the next page for the trailer, but be warned there is a spoiler in there! Then go rent the movie. Better still, buy one.

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