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Batman through the ages

By Daniel Smith on Aug 6, 12 12:33 PM

How things have changed...

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Review by Alison Jones

The Dark Knight Rises (12A)


Cinema goers are being well served for British crime fighters this year as two of filmdom's biggest franchises offer up their third (and in one case apparently final) acts.

Both of them feature men whose outer sophistication and nonchalance masks a troubled soul and disturbing aptitude for violence.

Dark Knight 1966 style

By Daniel Smith on Nov 16, 11 02:15 PM

Retro cool!


Last year we created a 't-shirt of the day' section on Anorak City, for a whole week we published one every day.

Then we turned all rubbish and forgot all about it.

It has to be said though the guys at Nerdoh have shamed us into remembering why we started it in the first place by releasing this truly awesome Batman t-shirt.

Simply title 'McJoker' it shows the Joker in full Ronald McDonald kit.

A must have purchase!

Find out more over at

Footage has emerged on the internet reportedly of filming of the Dark Knight Rises.

No real spoilers other than it's an action scene with a Bat vehicle and explosions.

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