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Sky 1's An Idiot Abroad restored my faith in television, one of the funniest programmes aired for ages and if it didn't make you laugh then you are clearly dead.

Karl Pilkington worked on radio shows with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant before appearing on the show and became a cult figure on Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's radio show.

Here's Karl talking about the show and lots of other stuff as you would expect...

On Travel

"I don't understand that saying 'travel broadens the mind' - The mind cannot be broadened after the head has stopped growing. My mind was full before I did all these trips. All that has happened is that some of my older memories have been replaced with some new ones, which is annoying as the old ones were better memories than the new ones I've put in there. Well, I think they were."

On Fame

"I wouldn't say I'm famous. I'm not driven about, or have people doing errands for me. That bloke who stands at Oxford Circus preaching 'are you a sinner or a winner' is known more than me. Life hasn't changed that much other than my car insurance has gone through the roof. It's a right rip-off."

On being an 'idiot'

"It's only ever Ricky who calls me an idiot. It did annoy me when he called me on my last trip in Peru. I'd just come out of the jungle and he called to tell me the series name had changed from Karl Pilkington's Seven Wonders Of The World to An Idiot Abroad. The good thing is, most people who stop me in the street say they agree with most of what I say."

The future...

"I've no idea. Other than whose mam and dad is coming round to dinner each year I don't do planning. Who knows what I'll be doing. When Coolio was at number one with Gangsta's Paradise, I doubt he had Celebrity Big Brother on his plan list."

On eating dog

"We stopped off to get something to eat at a cafe in the middle of nowhere when I was in China. The woman brought loads of plates to the table. There was pork, beef, chicken, prawns, rice, noodles, and I tucked into what I thought was beef but it turned out to be dog. It tasted like cheap meat and smelt odd."

The future

"Suzanne (Karl's partner) is jealous from all my travelling. She said she wants to see a giraffe so it's either a safari or London Zoo. It won't be for a while though as I'm sick of travelling.

"I'm doing up the kitchen. I've tiled it, changed the hood above the hob and painted. Just one more wall left to do and then the floor needs sorting.

"I've never really been one for making long-term plans. I think they get in the way. That's what was good about doing An Idiot Abroad, everything was a surprise to me: Even the title."

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Take one 'idiot' aka Karl Pilkington and send him to famous locations around the world to sample different cultures, wind him up and watch him rant.

It may essentially just be Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais bullying their friend with a 'head like an orange' but by god it is entertaining.

If you haven't seen this show yet it's on Sky One at 9pm on Thursdays and I guarantee you will cry tears of laughter.

The best show on telly....

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