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I loved last year's X Factor. Whether it was Alexandra Burke's fabulous performance of Candyman, Diana Vickers' quirky style (and 'claw' action) or JLS just being teen-swoon-tastic - 2008 was a very good year.

And as much as I'm enjoying this year's X I'm not convinced the contestants are in the same league for me.

Yes, Stacey is adorable, Lucie is great, Olly is cute (when he keeps his shirt on) and Joe's version of Don't Stop Believing was surprisingly good last week.

But while I initially liked Lloyd (and admired his gall at fulfilling every adolescent boy's fantasy of stroking Cheryl's face - on live TV!) I'm not sure there is much beyond the gooey grins.

I also find Jamie Afro grates a little and Danyl, while talented, just seems to veer boringly between over-confidence and sulkiness.

So it turns out that my guilty pleasure - the act that I wait in gleeful anticipation for each Saturday - is none other than the tone deaf, two-left-footed, quiffed brothers of doom that are John and Edward.

How did this happen? I was as outraged as the next person when Louis first put Jedward through. "But this is a SINGING competition," I yelled at my telly.

But the minute Jedward crashed on to the live show in their red PVC suits to sing and dance APPALLINGLY to Britney I was smitten.

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