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In an act of brilliance author Sarah Brown has put together Cringe, a book jam-packed with old teenage journal entries, letters, notes, songs and poems from brave souls prepared to share.

As the author herself reveals: "Oh the injustices I suffered, being a middle-class white girl whose parents were still married!"

My own teenage diary from 1993 (aged 14-15) was a shocker so in a bid to finally lay the self-centered, bratty, teenage Charlotte to rest, here are some of my worst toe-curling entries...

January 1, 1993: If I was to die before this diary was finished I give only Katie McDowell and Sophie Jacobs permission to read it and extract any needed information, no one else should go further.

January 17: I love Robert *A DJ from my local radio station I am obsessed with and keep phoning up to impress with my sparkling 14-year-old wit

March 1: I hate my life! It's a pile of crap. I don't think I exist nobody knows I'm here, this is just a diary in my non-existent world, I'm invisible no one can hear me oh my god I'm ill!

April 20: I am madly in love with Robert. I would go out with John and Simon if they were straight. Jeff has serious sex appeal but is too old. Nick has a sexy voice. Ant and Rick have lush personalities but no sex appeal.

May 12: Bon Jovi is married! That is a real tragedy for me.

June 30: Mum took me shopping I got a skirt. I also got a bikini top but it didn't fit. God just didn't bless me in that area. THANKS

July 12: This is the very worst day of my life. I want to die. I can't take it any more I don't want to go on living. Robert is moving in with his girlfriend.

July 13: My heart is bleeding

September 28: We watched Romeo and Juliet in English. I was thinking about Robert all the way through it. I am a lovestruck teenager!

October 7: What has happened to my life? Why has it gone downhill? Why am I miserable? Why do I feel like dying half the time? Why? Why? Why?

November 5: Robert's girlfriend is pregnant. I am allowed to mourn on this day.

November 8: I rang Robert for about an hour and we had a really deep conversation. I think I'm over him.

November 12: Steve is lush...

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