It seems there really is a Dalek invasion - everywhere you turn you can find the Doctor Who baddies taking over... fancy making a Dalek Cake?

Or how about a Dalek Pumpkin?

A very impressive Dalek is put together here!

Exterminate the flab - the Dalek workout

Lost Kate1.jpg

BSKYB and Virgin Media have ended a high-profile spat over Sky basic channel charges as the two groups announced a breakthrough agreement.

Virgin has signed a deal that will see Sky's core channels return to the cable channel for the first time since February last year, when the charges row left fans of hit shows such as Lost and 24 stranded mid-series.

Both firms said yesterday that they had agreed to end all English High Court proceedings against each other.

I think Virgin may find a flood of new customers!

After the shock announcement during the TV awards last night, here's the full story

Film related t-shirts are nothing new you see them all the timethis new range of cult film t-shirts at is a breath of fresh air.

These are the ultimate fashion statement, oozing geekiness but in a very, very cool way. The slogans on the t-shirts are so subtle that it takes a while to realise what the film is.

This is a collection of unique shirt designs inspired by movies and paying homage to some of the most memorable places, corporations and companies in modern fiction.

Lastexittonowhere sent us some of their shirts to try out. We got a fantastic selection and the guys in the office who didn't get their grubby mitts on them have been very envious.

Here are the shirts we tried out...

If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. It's Hill Valley High School from the brilliant 1985 film Back to the Future.

There are places in this world that aren't made out of stone.

There's something inside... that they can't get to, that they can't touch. That's yours...

The Shawshank State Prison is a fictional penitentiary from The Shawshank Redemption (based on the Stephen King novella Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption).

The other members of the crew, Kane, Lambert, Parker, Brett, Ash and Captain Dallas, are dead. Cargo and ship destroyed. I should reach the frontier in about six weeks.

With a little luck, the network will pick me up. It's Alien cargo ship Nostromo.

Need more convincing? Have a look at the great range and buy your own right here -

But here's the best news of all.

The guys at have agreed to give five Anorak City readers a chance to win one of the t-shirts each.

All you have to do to stand a chance of winning is tell us the name of the famous pub in American Werewolf in London.

Send your entries to

Usual Trinity Mirror Rules will apply.

Lost : season 5 official trailer

By Paul Cole on Oct 25, 08 07:33 PM

It's starting all over again ...

Here's the first official ABC trailer for season five of Lost.

And new scenes ask all sorts of questions.

MEET A-Team icon Dirk Benedict - the star who played the suave Faceman.

A TEAM.jpg

That's the celebrity prize offer from the Sunday Mercury today.

It's your chance to chat with one of TV's most popular stars in person.

Dirk, who played Lt Templeton 'Faceman' Peck in the A-Team, is on his way to the Midlands.

And we have a meet-and-greet prize for a lucky Sunday Mercury reader and pal.

The A-Team star is coming to the Collectormania show at Coventry's Ricoh Arena.

He'll be among a galaxy of guests at the November 1 and 2 event.

Others include Jaws star Richard Dreyfuss, Dr Who actor Paul McGann and Star Trek's Vaughn Armstrong.

Jamie Waylett and Natalia Tena from the Harry Potter movies are among many, many more.

They'll be meeting the fans and signing autographs during the two-day event.

Watch out, too, for the A-Team van and Faceman's Corvette!

For full information and latest line-up, click on

Here's how YOU could be our A-Team winner!

Simply tell us the name of the A-Team's madcap pilot.

Was he (a) Howling Mad Murdock, (b) Rattling Rupert Murdoch or (c) Dandelion & Burdock?

* By PHONE: Call 0901 229 2394 and follow the instructions.

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1. BT landline calls cost 25p each. Calls from other networks may be higher. Texts cost 25p each plus standard network rate. Web/e-mail entries are free.

2. Competition opened online at midday on Thursday October 23 and closes at midday on Wednesday October 29 2008. Open to UK residents aged 18 or over only. Please ask billpayer's permission before entering.

3. Prize is for one winner and a friend to meet A-Team icon Dirk Benedict at the Collectormania show at Coventry's Ricoh Arena on Saturday November 1, 2008 only, and includes admission for two. Prize is non-transferable. No transport or accommodation is included in the prize.

4. Standard Trinity Mirror rules apply - see Service Provider: Eckoh UK Ltd, PO Box 206 HP3 9FT. Tel 01442 450707

BOBBY and Sue-Ellen are getting back together.

That's right, fresh from the shower the Dallas do-gooder and his sozzled sister-in-law are an item.


In a new TV show, that is.

And there's no JR in sight.

Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray are to team up in an Italian TV drama.

Patrick, who played Bobby Ewing in the hit US soap opera for 13 years, spoke about the hush-hush project when he was in Birmingham last week.

"Linda and I are developing a series that will be shot and screened in Italy," he revealed.

"We're inventing a new TV drama. It won't be anything like Dallas in terms of characters and storyline - we want it to be completely different."

They're Dallas-delighted at the prospect of working together again.

The pair, along with Larry Hagman, who played the wicked JR, have remained firm friends since they filmed the first episode of the Southfork series 30 years ago.

In fact, Patrick refers to them as 'the three musketeers'.

So when the couple were approached by an Italian TV producer while they were doing a personal appearance in the country, they agreed to work together again.

"He asked us if we ever had the desire to work in Italy, and we told him it depended on the job," Patrick explained. "Linda and I will have to uproot our families and live there, but it's great working with her again."

Patrick, 59, was promoting the new Airstream caravan at the International Caravan & Motorhome show at Birmingham's NEC. Read the full story here.

Prison Break : Back on October 28

By Paul Cole on Oct 18, 08 07:54 PM

Relax. It's coming back on Tuesday October 28.


Because it's been taking a break in the States, it's been postponed here in the UK too.

Just don't forget to set your Sky+ series link again!

What the Dickens is going on?

The Beeb's new production of Charles Dickens' classic Little Dorrit is anorak heaven for sci-fi fans.

Just take a look at 'who's who'!


Doctor Who companion Freema Agyeman (known to Time Lord fans as Martha Jones, of course) plays Tattycoram in the rags to riches tale.

"I've always wished I could be involved in a period drama because I'm an enormous fan of them," beams Freema, who achieved huge fame as Martha.

"So I was bowled over when they asked me to play Tattycoram. I'd never had such a chance before, so I bit their hand off! It was a massive opportunity, and I couldn't possibly turn it down."

"I was equally delighted because Tattycoram is not written as a black part.

"She's an orphan, and in the 1820s there was a general prejudice against anyone who wasn't from an upper-class background. So the idea transposed well to a black character."


And whose path should she cross but that of Torchwood team-mate Eve Myles (policewoman Gwen Cooper in the Cardiff sci-fi spin-off series).

"I've always adored Charles Dickens!" exclaims Eve, who plays Maggy in Little Dorrit.

"His characters are so bold. They're larger than life, like a very rich painting. It's like having the luxury of playing on screen the sort of characters you'd usually only play on stage.

"Dickens conjures up this beautiful picture of London at the time. He writes about these wonderful communities. They're never run of the mill, they're always heightened and extraordinary.

"Working on this has exceeded all my expectations about Dickens - it's been an absolute blast."


Also familiar to Dr Who fans will be Russell Tovey, who plays John Chivery. He was one of the stars of the Titantic Christmas special which also featured Kylie.

There are roles, too, for Andy Serkis (Gollum from Lord of The Rings), Robert Hardy (Cornelius Fudge from the Harry Potter movies), Sea Of Souls star Bill Paterson and Spooks masterspy Matthew Macfadyen.

The 15-part series begins on BBC1 on Sunday October 26.

Will Fringe provide clues to Lost?

By Paul Cole on Oct 10, 08 07:37 PM

After a slow start, JJ Abrams' new conspiracy thriller gathered pace towards the end of the first episode - and set up a new X Files for the 21st century.


But more intriguing were the nods to Lost.

Shadowy special agent Phillip Broyles (right) looked awfully familiar, didn't he?

Let's look at the facts.

He's a Special Agent for Homeland Security intent on investigating paranormal goings-on, and wants to get the bottom of what's going on at a sinister science company.

He keeps dropping enigmatic hints about a global conspiracy, and always gets his way.

Meanwhile, over at Lost, shadowy Matthew Abaddon (below left) keeps popping up at uncomfortable moments throughout the flashbacks of the castaways.


He visited Locke as he was recovering from his spinal injury, and implanted the idea of going on a walkabout in his mind, which ultimately put Locke on Oceanic 815.

Abaddon recruited Naomi Dorrit to lead Daniel Faraday, Charlotte Lewis, Miles Straume, and Frank Lapidus, on a mission to the island.

And he visited Hurley at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute, claiming to be a lawyer working for Oceanic Airlines.

Both are played by Lance Reddick, of course, but there's more to the coincidences than that.

Listen to the first episode of Fringe carefully at on three occasions you'll hear the same rising electronic note that ushers in each episode of Lost.

Add to that the series of symbols - leaf, butterfly etc - that appear throughout the show and it's starting to look more than familiar ...

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