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VIDEO: New Robocop trailer

By Steve Wollaston on Jul 31, 12 06:45 PM

It's on the way, and I have a sneaky feeling it will be utter tripe but prepare yourself!

You have 20 seconds to comply...

Very well put together if somewhat of a cringeworthy waste of time.

Ok I know we have had Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises and Man Of Steel is out there somewhere but this looks very interesting.

From the makers of the Matrix it looks compelling, confusing and beautiful in equal measures.

The single most disturbing thing you will ever see.

Over the years I have seen hundreds, nay thousands of Star Wars YouTube clips.

Good, bad and downright ugly. I have posted many on here.

Sometimes though one comes along that is of real interest and for me this clip is that one.

Very raw filming copy from Return Of The Jedi. And anyone who knows their Jabba The Huts from their Wookies will know that the scene at 4.50 did make it in the movie.

It would seem that the world of Quidditch doesn't exist just in the world of Harry Potter.

Where's my broom?

Weird. Just weird.

What on earth?


Review by Alison Jones

The Dark Knight Rises (12A)


Cinema goers are being well served for British crime fighters this year as two of filmdom's biggest franchises offer up their third (and in one case apparently final) acts.

Both of them feature men whose outer sophistication and nonchalance masks a troubled soul and disturbing aptitude for violence.

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