Lost : Who is Wallace, No 108 on the Lighthouse wheel?

By Paul Cole on Feb 27, 10 09:52 PM


So Jacob's instruction to set the lighthouse wheel to 108 has got everyone going.

If you freeze-framed the scene, you'll have seen candidate No 108 was someone called Wallace.

As he/she had been crossed out, we can assume it's not one of our heroes on the island.

Lots of theories out there at the moment point to Walt.

But this is interesting ...

Wallace is a famous Scottish surname, and Desmond is Scottish.

* Desmond did have to punch the hatch button every 108 minutes, after entering six numbers that totaled 108.

* When Jacob told Hurley to move the dial to 108 (4+8+15+23+42=108) it was so someone could get to the island.

* Desmond isn't on the island currently, and when Jack broke the mirrors, Jacob said he wouldn't worry because he would find a way to get there.

* Although the name next to 108 says "Wallace" it is possible Desmond's last name (Hume) isn't his birthname, much like Miles has a different last name than his parents.

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