Supernatural stars talk to Anorak City

By Steve Wollaston on Jun 6, 09 07:18 PM

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Supernatural fans should be ready to get the tissues out, because Jared Padalecki, who plays the taller half of the demon-fighting Winchester brothers, says he wants them both to die in the last episode of the final series.

Alison Jones was at Asylum 3 the sold-out fan convention devoted to the increasingly popular series that was held at the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham last weekend where
Jared, 27, who was joined by screen sibling Jensen Ackles said it would only be fitting if they went out in a blaze of glory.

"I think it is poetic. It is closure. We don't have to see it. It could be a freeze frame.
"I love the movie Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid and I love the last shot of that movie. To me that is what I kind of vibe with in this show.

"It is the relationship with the brothers. They'd do anything for each other and they are going to go to the bitter end, even if it is a bitter end.

"There is just something heroic about knowing what you are facing."

The Texan twosome - 31-year-old Jensen is from Dallas while Jared is from San Antonio - also teased fans with suggestions that the show could go on a season longer than anticipated.

While series creator Eric Kripke only has a five year contract, both actors are signed on for six with the studio that produces it and would have to stay with the show of it was renewed for another season.

Jensen said: "It's absolutely open. I don't feel necessarily definitive about season five being the final season, I just know that is where Eric has led the series from the very beginning.

"He could very well hand it over to one of the other writers and stay on as consultant producer, but how the story would go from there I don't know.

"I think the studio and network are preparing themselves for this to be the final year but, to be honest, I thought this past season was going to be the final year and it was the best season we have had. If that bleeds into season five it would be stupid to get rid of it because it is one of the biggest shows.

"I could do another. It's a good job."

Jared said that he thought the strong viewing figures in the States, where the cult programme has been up against ratings leaders CSI and Grey's Anatomy, could lead to another year. but that he wanted the show to retain its integrity and for the characters to continue evolving.

"The adage is that season six mean residuals, syndication, 'Yay, life is good. Buy a new car' but it is not about that. I really want to focus on creating and building a character. If there is still something for me as an actor to bring to Sam then absolutely I'd do season six, otherwise I think Sam and Dean should go out fighting."

He admitted his commitment to the role, which films in and around Vancouver for nine months of the year, has already cost him the lead in GI Joe, the sci-fi summer blockbuster inspired by the action figures that is now starring Channing Tatum.

"It is weird because on the one hand I couldn't do it because I was doing Supernatural, but if I hadn't been doing Supernatural who knows if I would have gotten offered GI Joe.

"It would have been great but then what, you still have to keep working. I'll get it when its time. I think so many people set goals and then get frustrated when something doesn't happen, but I feel like this is a marathon, not a sprint."
Jensen also quashed internet rumours that saw him linked with the fourth Resident Evil film.

"I don't no where that came from. I've never seen a script, never had a conversation"
Both of them used their summer hiatus in 2008 to make horror movies which were released within a month of each other earlier this year, Jensen in My Bloody Valentine 3D and Jared in the revival of one of daddies of the slasher genre, Friday the 13th.They are being released on DVD in the UK this month

Jensen said they tried to avoid any rivalry over whose film would be more successful.
"I knew his would do better simply because it was a more popular name - nothing to do with the fact he was in it!

"I was actually pleased with how mine did and he broke records and stuff with his (it had the largest opening day for the Friday the 13th series and the largest opening weekend for any horror film, although My Bloody Valentine had the more positive reviews and only made about $11 million less than Friday) but it had a much bigger following.

"I drug him to the theatre to see mine because I was like 'if I have got to sit through yours, you are going to sit through this.'

"There was no competition, there was good support from both ends. The Supernatural crew, however, probably had an entire betting pool and they probably lost a lot of money."

The story arc of Supernatural has seen them through 82 episodes of fighting the monster of the week while also trying to track down the yellow-eyed demon that killed their mother when Sam was a baby, infected him with its blood, then, 22 years later, killed his college girlfriend.

The show's success has been founded on the chemistry between the brothers who would quite literally die for each other - at the end of last season Dean went to hell after sacrificing his soul to bring Sam back when he was stabbed in season two.

However, season four has seem them increasingly divided as Sam has tapped into his demon side to try and stop a hellish plot to raise Lucifer while a newly resurrected Dean is on the side of the angels.

"I love the conflict," says Jared. "I'm sure we will get back together and join forces somehow but until then I'd like to see how dark Sam could get. I like the dynamic of brother versus brother when they both think they are doing the right thing for the right reasons. The audience is in turmoil because they want us both to win."

Jensen said that he didn't mind the division between the two: "Storywise I guess it works when they are fighting evil together but - selfishly - he and I get more time off if we are separated, so I am split."

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