Revealed: Doctor Who No 12

By Paul Cole on Jan 17, 09 09:07 PM

Move over Matt Smith. Here's the new Doctor Who.

Tate 2.jpg

It's Catherine Tate regenerated as the Doctor as she takes part in a spoof for the Sunday Night Project.

Tate played mouthy assistant Donna Noble in the show but here she looks more like her former co-star David Tennant.

Check out those sideburns, tousled brown hair and long overcoat.

Tate also joins hosts Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr, all sporting blond wigs with thick fringes and huge sunglasses to perform a sketch about hip New York singer Lady GaGa.

Collins dresses up as a bride, spoofing Tate's Doctor Who character, while Carr mimics Lauren "Am I bovvered?" Cooper.

The show goes out this Sunday at 10pm on Channel 4.

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