Heroes : series 3 spoilers

By Paul Cole on Sep 27, 08 10:04 PM

Heroes returns to BBC TV on Wednesday - and the new series will be full of big surprises.


1. We'll get to learn the terrible truth about Sylar's secret past.

2. We'll see the return of characters we thought we'd never see again.

3. There'll be a Justice League-style battle between good and evil.

4. We'll get to meet as many as a dozen new super-powered people.

Don't want to spoil the surprise? Then don't read any further.

But if you can't resist ... turn the page.

OK, so you couldn't stand the suspense.

Here's a Top 10 major spoilers.

1. Sylar is a Petrelli, and is related to Peter, Nathan and Claire.

2. Linderman (killed), Adam Munro (buried alive), Niki Sanders (burned to death), and Claire's real mum Meredith Gordon (run off) all return.

3. When Sylar attacks HRG's paper company, he discovers a dozen super-criminals in holding cells. When they escape and start a murderous crimewave, the Heroes must stand against them.

4. Claire's healing powers are greater than she ever imagined. and they've rubbed off on a number of the other characters in the new season.

5. Suresh finds romance, and two of the Heroes fall in love - but it will end in tears.

6. Nathan survived the assassin's bullet because he had a blood transfusion from kid brother Peter (who. you'll recall, absorbed Claire's invulnerability).

7. Peter's main task is to prevent a nightmarish future in which nearly everyone on Earth has super powers and war has all but destroyed civilisation.

8. Niki Sanders, believed killed when she rushed into a blazing building last season, returns with yet another personaility - Tracy Strauss.

9. Claire asks biological mum Meredith, who has the power to control fire, to teach her to fight so that she can track down the supercriminals.

10. Watch out for scary Daphne (actress Brea Grant) who's playing a deadly double-game, and baddie Stephen Canfield (Andre Royo), who has the power to create black holes.

And that's just in the first five episodes.


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