Talking a good game

By Andy Walker on Jun 24, 10 10:38 PM in Comment

The tussles on the pitch aside, there's another very public battle taking place at the World Cup.

BBC and ITV are in a fierce ratings battle with Messrs Lineker and Chiles attempting to woo viewers with their own styles and their mixed array of pundits and sidekicks.

And I have to say BBC are already clear winners, and not just for that coincidental stat that shows England are more likely to win when the live Beeb cameras are in town.

In my opinion, the BBC have landed two of the best pundits in the tournament and it comes as no surprise that the duo talking sense are both top Premier League managers.

Roy Hodgson is an articulate and somewhat fascinating commentator on the game and the Fulham boss (for how much longer, who knows?) just oozes knowledge.

And then Harry Redknapp (Aaron Lennon favouritism aside) is proving himself to be a witty yet insightful talker, who even occasionally turns interviewer to his fellow guests.

From ITV's point of view, Gareth Southgate deserves a special mention but it's the BBC who are edging this match-up.