No laughing matter

By Andy Walker on Jun 28, 10 12:20 PM in Comment

IS anybody else infuriated by the footage of the England players disembarking their plane that's being flashed up on Sky Sports News today?

Just hours after that disastrous and embarrassing World Cup exit, Ledley King and Ashley Cole are in fits of laughter as they come down the steps, with both seemingly not bothered that the Three Lions had just let their nation down.

I could only presume that the pampered pair were joking about which interior colour they will choose for the their next Bentley. Perhaps the suggestion 'Illuminous pink' was what triggered the hysterics?

As any passionate England fan knows, yesterday afternoon was no laughing matter and for King and Cole to be so publicly enjoying themselves while millions of loyal supporters were sat at home or traipsing around South Africa depressed is frankly disrespectful.

It's proof that England means much more to us than it does to most overpaid professionals.


Grate Britain said:

I agree with Andy.

As highly paid professionals, part of the job is to appear professional in front of the cameras. When they know how the nation feels and that this will be among the first images of them returning, they should and do know better. They are all extremely media savvy.

Of course they can laugh but that was not the time nor place.

For a lot of the country, three of their favourite big cats have died...

Bluebird said:

Lampard was the same!
In fact I sent a text to Sky Sports about their attitude....
If you don't give a shot it shows both on and off the pitch....
Is it any wonder that we lost?

Ian Jones said:

I don't see the problem. i'm sure they we're gutted about the result, but does that mean they're not allowed to smile for a brief moment? When is the cut off point for when players are able to start being themselves again? I didn't realise there was one. I bet there were plenty of photo opportunities where the players were looking miserable too.
I've been to funerals and found a moment for a quick joke.