Fair play to Roo

By Andy Walker on May 20, 10 10:04 AM in Comment

England talisman Wayne Rooney rocketed up even further in my estimations today.PM663838@SOCCER England 5.jpg

This time it wasn't down to another moment of magic on the football field, but for his refreshing opinion on footballers receiving knighthoods.

For those who haven't heard the striker's views, the Manchester United star said: "No, I don't think about anything like that. Personally, playing football, I don't think you should become a Sir, to be honest. There are other people doing things in the world who deserve it a lot more."

Wayne, you're spot on son!

Soldiers putting themselves on the line every day for our country, nurses saving lives on a daily basis, teachers inspiring the next generation to achieve greatness - those are the people that deserve knighthoods.

No matter how much passion is involved in the sport, football is still just a game. Professional footballers are paid handsomely to play a sport that they, and millions of others, love.

Unless they continue to inspire others in different ways, such as charity work, long after they've hung up their boots, then they're not worthy of becoming a Sir.